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Melhores dos anos 00

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Agora sim o Pitchfork acertou a mão numa lista de melhores do ano 2000.

No lugar da opinião coletiva de sei lá quem reunidas na sua P2K, dessa vez o saite convidou integrantes de diversas bandas para elaborarem suas listas individuais.

Entre os consultados estão Lindstrøm, Caribou, Fleet Foxes, Matthew Herbert, Stereolab, Fleet Foxes, Dirty Projectors, Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jr, The xx, Fuck Buttons, Matmos, Luomo e outros mais.

Abaixo, os eleitos por Laurent Brancowitz, do Phoenix:

D’Angelo: Voodoo [ouça “Send It On”]
To us, it was the musical equivalent of Einstein’s relativity, ripping off the fabric of time in a beautiful, traumatizing way.

The Strokes: Is This It [ouça “Someday”]

With songs and arrangements as elegant as mathematical formulas, they gave rock’n’roll its dignity back. Underestimated even when overestimated.

Sebastien Tellier: “La Ritournelle”
French genius in its purest platonic form!

Amerie: “1 Thing”
One of the most mysteriously amazing songs of the decade, it gives the illusion that some crucial secret is about to be revealed.

Dirty Projectors: “Rise Above”
The bass + voices at 1:40: They KILL me unfailingly.

R. Kelly: “I’m a Flirt”
A truly prodigious blend of the highest and the lowest forms of human imagination.

Panda Bear: “Bros”
I’ve been obsessed with this song for months, and I still don’t know why.

Fall of Troy: Doppelgänger
Devil’s music!

Falando em Phoenix, como é que essa história? Partiu show deles com abertura do Passion Pit no Central Park, dia 26? Hein?

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