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50 discos que mudaram a música

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23 Augustus Pablo
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (1976)

Jamaica’s invention of dub – a stripped-down, echo-laden instrumental remix of a vocal track – was spawned principally on the B-sides of local reggae hits and in the island’s competing sound-systems, with technician-engineer King Tubby as its master creator, a man who could ‘play’ the mixing console. This collection of ethereal melodies by melodica maestro Augustus Pablo distilled the art into album form. It would be years before the West caught up.

Without this … no DJ remixes, no house, no rave.


Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk, Miles Davis, The Clash, Augustus Pablo, até Spice Girls (quem disse que é mudar pra melhor, não é mesmo?)… A lista de 50 discos que mudaram a música, compilada pelo Guardian em 2006.

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