julho 2008



O fim do indie

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Pra aguçar a curiosidade, duas passagens do belo texto do jornal inglês Independent sobre a falência iminente do indie:

“[Britpop] was great fun,” wrote the journalist Andrew Collins in a 2006 piece for Word. “But it wasn’t indie, and it pushed a whole slew of workmanlike guitar bands centre-stage, where they were even expected to represent their rebranded country, giving the quite false impression that Cool Britannia was an Indie Nation. The essence of New Labour, indie was capitalism dressed up as revolutionary socialism.”

“Once these bands stop having hits every day it will dry up,” argues Collins. “The kids will get bored. You can’t grow up on a diet of The Pigeon Detectives and think you could topple the Government one day. If we end up with 20 years of Tory government, it’ll be The Pigeon Detectives’ fault.”

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