agosto 2006



XLR8R, Agosto 2006

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Resenha da coletânea “Made in Brasil que escrevi para revista XLR8R.

The recent baile funk fever might lead to the conclusion that that’s all Brazilian music has to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that‘s what WordSound’s head scout Skiz Fernando found out when he spent a couple of months in Rio. Remember that this is Brasil with an “s,” and all types of the country’s music are pushed forward. The swinging acoustic guitar on BNegão’s “No Hay,” Dom Negrone’s mix of hip-hop and samba (“O Povo Que Vibra”), Mamelo Sound System riding the Stalag riddim on the dub-hop “Liri Sista,” and Digitaldubs’ mixture of dancehall and Afro drums on “Arrego” all add up to future visits to the favela from Diplo and friends.

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