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julho 2012



The League Unlimited Orchestra, “Don’t You Want Me” ( Aeropop Edit )

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Um remix do Aeroplane, acompanhado por um dos melhores textos de divulgação em muito tempo:

Yesterday I put up an edit I made of The Human League “ Don’t You Want Me “ on the Aeroplane Souncloud for everybody to download. It is a DJ Tool that I made for the BBC Essential Mix and as I was browsing through old files I found the MP3. In the past two years a lot of people asked me which edit it was so I figured you guys would be interested in it. But then the comments started coming and one of them got my attention :

“The thing that kind of bothers me is all these people are going to assume this is Vito when it’s actually 99% original Human League. “

This comment is really representative of the morons of the internet as I don’t think that anybody who has a tiny bit of culture or even just a brain would know that this is not me but The Human League’s biggest hit. To be even more precise it is from an album called “ The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love And Dancing “ which is instrumental versions of the songs from their most known album Dare.

About these comments :

“yep something is missing, like the vocals“
“If the vocals were muted in the background I think it would add a lot.“

Now that you know it is an edit of an instrumental I hope you understand ( I hope… ) why there are no vocals. Also when you play it and use it the right way, this is what happens :

Obviously these thoughts do not concern all of you guys, only a small percentage ( but god they are annoying… ) and the ones it does not concern know who I’m talking about.

I have studied music for ten years, and produced some for the ten years that followed, some was good, some wasn’t, and some was great ! But the one thing I don’t need to do and I will never do is to steal other people’s music or talent to try to make you guys believe that I’m better than I really am. By implying that I would, or tried, you go against everything that I stand for as a musician.

To the morons, YES ! you are right. I didn’t write “ Don’t You Want Me” , man I’m so busted ! You guys got me good here…

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