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Da David Guetização do mundo

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Mais um capítulo da David Guetização do mundo:

“DJs discovered by TV show will be as worthless and vapid as all reality TV stars, successful due to a slick haircut or by default as being the least annoying person on the screen at the time.

“It’d be nice to think that this won’t really affect any of us, that we could just watch it all on TV and smirk smugly at the X Factor awfulness of it all. But think about this for a moment…who will be getting the big bookings in a year’s time, pricing others out of the market place and restricting the “real” artists in the industry in a similar way to the acting, pop music or modelling industry before us?

“The celebrity DJ of course.”

É, Simon Cowell, sujeito com participação decisiva nos programas American Idol e The X-Factor, mira a música eletrônica. Isso não pode ser bom, como explica o Club Tickets.

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